I am easy to work with and natural entertainer, which makes my photography sessions both pressure-​free and enjoyable for you. With my determination to produce high quality shots and extreme attentiveness to detail, I am confident that you will love the pictures I create. If you would like to know more then feel free to add me on Facebook. 07889 259 752 

Some of the things I can’t get enough off :

  • Practising and playing on drums, drum kit and djembe.
  • Eating dark chocolate.
  • Design and build new products using recycled wood.
  • Learning new tricks in Photoshop.

I leave in a warehouse with fantastic creative people near Seven Sisters.

Member of Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

My first Gold Award.

I am a member of Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and entered in the monthly image competition in the first time and.… March got me a Gold Award.


What does the image competition mean ? They have photo contest in various categories each month. The Gold award images are put towards the end of the year awards. Around 1000 entries each month, 52 Gold awards won in March. (Gold awards are very hard to get) I was drinking a tea at home when an idea popped in my mind, quickly run to desk and made a drawing of my thoughts. I found some hard papers and started to draw a very simple stick figure. I need to practise drawing :), found my scissors and took several images.

Keep up to date with my current work over on my blog.