Ohh, this was a surprise and I feel thrilled. My Gangster Life composite image made it in the top selection at the SWPP convention 2017, @thesocieties. I can’t describe how I feel…What does the composite image mean ? Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene

A big thank to Robbie Hunte who was a brilliant model. He has just started in the modelling industry when we did our session and since my images he is flying high. Good luck man and don’t forget me when you work for big fish :D Also, need to thank to my friends and family, helping me through the process.

GANGSTER LIFE got framed and displayed at ground floor. Looks good, right ?

Yes, I received a medal. Entered the 20×16″ Competition – merited images will be displayed for 15,000 visitors to view in the Convention Tradeshow Area. What does it mean ? It means the five judges of the SWPP critique and score the image. The GANGSTER LIFE received around 90 points. Unfortunately I could not attend on the judges day…But I met Rod Jackson who used to be a judge and he told me some tiny details of what changes should have made…Insane details but good to keep in mind. Like the milk drop seems too planed, maybe 2 – 3 drops would have made a better image. Do you agree ?

I got lovely feedback of random people and some of them even laughed at it what was my main idea, make the people laugh. I achieved what I wanted trough my art.

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