Headshot and music promo photography for a really talented young musician, singer, guitarist and teacher. I met him last year, he played with his band in North London and I can tell, his music got the energy and good vibe. Loved it !

He has been working on his career and to boost it he needed a lot of pro images to achieve the best. Csongor phoned me last week and I was already planning the shoot and having some ideas, specially coloured gel shooting. I asked him to send me some reference images to see what he is after and told him what to bring. After couple of emails, we nailed the shooting date.

We started with head-​shot. If you ever wondered how I work hit the play.


After that we moved to the music promo shoot. I opened my brand new colour gel set, quick thinking about colour schemes, what colour works with the other. Fascinating ! I always loved colours and working towards my colour portfolio it’s a fantastic project and it comes with a complicated learning curve. Challenge accepted ! 

The final set after 4 hours well spent in the studio.

Click to see the full set HERE. 

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