Chasing Deer are an exciting and energetic pop/rock band from the UK.

Before the actual photoshoot, we discussed and planned the session beforehand. Theme-style-outfit…We need an outdoor place. I had an idea : I walked to the back yard to take some pics of what we have where I live. I sent the pics and they liked it. Location done !
So, the band wanted some traditional, naturally posed photos, monochrome or bold solid ones and smart clean image. Cool ! I know what to do. 

When they arrived at my studio, I’ve already prepared the studio lights. Quick chat, discussion on where we start and we were ready to shoot. Yuhuuuu ! The guys got a nice, elegant suit and I saw instantly that my light what I planned to use was just perfect : a big softbox camera left, up high and a rim light at the far, camera right. 

I really like how Rob and Adam did on this image. What do you think guys ? 
Have a look at their FB page and give a like https :// You can find the tour dates on their website too www​.chas​ingdeer​-offi​cial​.com 

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It was great to work Chris again but in my studio to create his first model portfolio. We had a chat before the session about what type of images he should have, what area he wants to explore and what to wear. In my opinion he would suit in the advertisement section.
Got him to bring some suits, shirts, shoes and a fitness set as well to my studio, near Seven Sisters, North London.
I made a list of different lighting set ups and backgrounds to give a versatile finish which is a key for a great model portfolio. First, we started with a headshot as an opening image, simple with the white shirt. I used my three light set up here, two rim light, one beauty dish with grid and a DIY white reflector. Not in the video though.


We made three headshots to have a variety of it and then I looked at his suits and his watch. I had an idea to go for a “product” advertisement photoshoot and we did two sets using one rim light, one hard light with grid for the watch and one beauty dish with grid.


Next was to use my printed, vintage background to go for a movie type of shot. Here, I used three gels to get more options for him to pick.

Before we went out to the local centre, we shot the fitness images, using two rim light, one hard light with gel and a beauty dish with grid.
After that a casual outfit near by and we done. Thankfully the sun was out and it was so great to step out of the studio. Selfie time ! :)

Booking krisztiansipos@​photoshippy.​com



I would not say that I wasn’t over the moon when I received an email from SWPP featuring my image “GANGSTER LIFE” as Judges’ Choice Award. :) I didn’t expect any awards for this picture so I was I bit shocked. My second image of the composite/creative world payed off. EPIC !

What does the image competition mean ? They have photo contest in various categories each month. The Gold award images are put towards the end of the year awards. Around 1000 entries each month, 52 Gold awards won in March. (Gold awards are very hard to get)


So, how did it happen ?

One of my model, Susan suggested me to work with Robbie Hunte who started modelling about 2 moths ago at this time. I looked at his portfolio and I new this guy need some serous images. Soon, he arrived at my studio with a fantastic, 1920’s-1930’s outfit, looking stunning. Firstly, I took images for my Character series

and then we went for the composite photography work. I planed two sets, one is the GANGSTER LIFE and the other one is still in progress. Believe me, it will be awesome (I hope I can manage it…I need to learn and find new Photoshop tricks to achieve my imagination…long practice and failure ahead.)
Keep tuned folks and come back to see the second image probably ready in June. 

My studio to work and hire 07889 259 752 

I managed to take some boring images from my workplace, the studio where so many things already happened : bridal, engagement, fitness, fine art, levitation, portfolio, still life, light painting, and lots of other projects I created or wanted to test out. 07889 259 752 

List of equipment and accessories :

  • 2 Elinchrom D-​lite 4 It
  • 1 Elinchrom D-​lite 2 
  • 2 Elinchrom Softbox
  • 1 95 cm Octabox with grid and 2 diffusers
  • 1 40 cm Beauty dish with grid and diffuser
  • 1 Background reflector
  • 3 Canon Speedlight
  • 3 small light stand
  • 2 strong stand
  • 1 background support stand
  • 4 Colorama : sky blue, white, grey, oxford blue
  • Poliboards 
  • Vanguard tripod
  • Canon 5D Mark 2 
  • Canon EF 24-​105MM F4 
  • Canon 85 mm F1.8 
  • creativity and passion

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