OZZIE REILLY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY — — What happened to a camera shy person.

Ozzie phoned me up last week, he wanted some great portraits of him however he is really camera shy and it was a big thing to do in his life, never had a professional photography session before. During the phone call I suggested what to bring and wanted to now what type of images he wanted so I can prepare myself. I got some instant ideas. On Friday eve, Ozzy was a bit nervous when he entered to my studio however he seemed to like my place, photography lights, drums and the warehouse, the industrial feel.

Made a quick coffee and I found out that he makes Irish drums, Bodhran. Wow ! An other drummer and carpenter ! Brill ! We just connected and I knew he felt completaly at ease. From now on it was kinda “easy” to get the best out of him. He nervously mentioned again that he doesn’t like to be photographed so I just told him, you are going to be so good within two hours, you don’t want to finish the session. Guess, what happened ?

Well deserved selfie

Here, you can see me in AAAACCTTIIIOOONNNNN and the final images.

Come on over to my studio in Seven Sisters, N15 to sparkle up your profile and your website. Give me a call 07889259752 


We are looking for a London based, long hair female model, between the ages of 24 – 28, for a photo session from 2 pm for an hour or two on the 27th of March, Seven Sisters, North London. We pay £15/hour+travel expenses. This is a photoshoot and you will be required to sit at a desk against a backdrop and blow smoke. This will probably not be ideal for you if you have quit smoking or are a non smoker. We will be using herbal smoke (often used in TV) to minimise impact. What we look for in the image is to have emotion to be delivered. You will appear smart, as if dressed for a PA or office role at in the City. You might need to make a natural looking make-​up. 

Apply with your recent look (link or image) to photoshippy+​model@​gmail.​com.