It was great to work Chris again but in my studio to create his first model portfolio. We had a chat before the session about what type of images he should have, what area he wants to explore and what to wear. In my opinion he would suit in the advertisement section.
Got him to bring some suits, shirts, shoes and a fitness set as well to my studio, near Seven Sisters, North London.
I made a list of different lighting set ups and backgrounds to give a versatile finish which is a key for a great model portfolio. First, we started with a headshot as an opening image, simple with the white shirt. I used my three light set up here, two rim light, one beauty dish with grid and a DIY white reflector. Not in the video though.


We made three headshots to have a variety of it and then I looked at his suits and his watch. I had an idea to go for a “product” advertisement photoshoot and we did two sets using one rim light, one hard light with grid for the watch and one beauty dish with grid.


Next was to use my printed, vintage background to go for a movie type of shot. Here, I used three gels to get more options for him to pick.

Before we went out to the local centre, we shot the fitness images, using two rim light, one hard light with gel and a beauty dish with grid.
After that a casual outfit near by and we done. Thankfully the sun was out and it was so great to step out of the studio. Selfie time ! :)

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Fitness Portfolio 

Let me show you what is the point having professional images taken for your business. What the difference is between a professional and “home made let’s do it” photography for website and social media. I asked Loren to take images of herself in the way that she would be happy to use it for marketing purposes. Then, I invited her to my studio and took the images in the professional way. Now, you can compare those two ones and make up your mind, getting the right image is important.

Having professional high quality photographs on your website and marketing materials is absolutely key and is a worthy investment for your business. Not only does it increase sales, but the quality of images you display could well be the difference between a potential customer perceiving your business to be offering a quality product and contacting you.

Book now it’s not complicated.

I have four packages to choose from (starting from £175) but if you want something different I’ll be more than happy to discuss and make the best out of it.