Gel lighting continues. I read a great article about how subtractive and additive colours work. Really fascinating piece…colours are fantastic.

I met Ana, a London based designer for a quick discussion over a coffee at London Bridge : make-​up, available dresses and date. Anar London is a Luxury Womenswear Brand https :// I got Charlotte, a beautiful model from Frame Perfect Agency and Johanna Monti make-​up artist on board. I had a good feeling that this session would go smoothly and Ana’s two shiney leather jackets would work beautifully with colours, mostly red/orange and cyan. 

I planned 45 min for make-​up and two hours’ shooting time achieving three sets and I was spot on with timing. The make-​up was elegantly simple. I didn’t want to drive the attention away from the colours. 

Check the behind the scenes footages of my session

I do my own retouch to make sure it hits the level I expect on my work. If the hair is messy, it needs a careful edit and it sometimes take up to 4 hours. Phhh. Yes, it’s one of the hardest thing to do and it can be really complex : cut background out, replace some part of the background, shape the hair, clean it, fill the gaps etc… Here are the before after set I made for you to compare. 

I am really pleased with the result, no matter how mind-​bending it is to setup and execute, giving the WoW factor for those final images is always a winner. 

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